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Dr. Jack Stephens, Founder of U.S. Pet Insurance Talks About Value and Human Health Benefits of Pets

March 26, 2008 ( Boise, ID) – Pets Best Insurance is now available in the state of New York and across the United States . Beginning immediately, Pets Best Insurance is available to New York residents online by visiting or by telephone at 1-866-405-3647.

Over twenty-five years ago, veterinarian Jack Stephens, D.V.M., stopped practicing veterinary medicine and founded the pet insurance industry in the United States . Back in 1982 it was the last thing Dr. Stephens thought he would ever do, leave a successful small animal practice to go into insurance. But he did not want to euthanize another pet because the family could not afford care.

Today, pet families are doing much more to care for their pets. In fact, most consider our pets to be a member of the family and deserving of the best possible health care. This translates to spending in excess of 40 billion dollars on our pets with half of that cost focused on providing veterinary care.

According to Dr. Stephens, there are good reasons for the greater spending and important value we place on our pets. He states there are both physiological and psychological benefits to pet companionship.

  • As our families have diversified and geographically separated, more and more of us are relying on our pets for social support.
  • Our pets help us relieve stress and provide a great excuse to exercise, get out and meet our neighbors, and to care for something other than ourselves.
  • Studies have shown that people in nursing homes or those recovering from illnesses (even life-threatening illnesses like cancer) feel better and recover more quickly when they have the benefit of owning or having visits with a pet.
  • In a survey of surgery patients, those with a companion pet reported less post-surgical pain than those without a pet.
  • Heart attack victims with a companion pet had double the survival rate than non-pet owners.
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According to Dr. Jack Stephens, “Pets increase our health and wellness and can reduce our own healthcare costs. Personally, I have witnessed pets eliminate depression, and I was aided greatly in my own recovery from life-threatening throat cancer seventeen-years ago by Spanky a small dog that had a very positive effect on me.”

Spanky was instrumental in Dr. Stephens’s attitude and recovery and never left his side during the months of treatment. His chances of recovery were not originally very good, in fact, he was given only 6-12 months to live, but he pulled through and some of the credit belongs to Spanky. As a result of his observations of his recovery and others, he began to research and even funded studies that scientifically validated the beneficial effects of pets on humans.

“A lot of data has been developed over the years about the human health benefits of pets. The evidence is conclusive that we are healthier and have a greater sense of wellness when we have a pet. Of course, with this important bond with our pets realized, we want to provide the best possible care. Pet insurance can provide a financial safety net and important peace of mind that we can afford to provide the best care. Today, euthanasia of healthy pets has decreased tremendously due in part to society realizing the health and wellness benefits of pet ownership. Pet insurance is also helping, but there is still much more work to do. Of the insurable pets, or likely insurable pets in the United States , we are only insuring 2 to 3%. Yet we know that each year approximately 20% of all pet owners will face a serious health issue with their pet that will require costly care,” said Stephens.

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The state of New York is the second largest pet population in the United States and over 3,500 veterinarians. From our history founding pet insurance, we know that New York is an extraordinary pet loving community that provides very well for their pets. We look forward to doing our part to support increasing pet health through funding more care with Pets Best Insurance and by providing more support to New York’s pet shelters with our ShelterBest, Racing to Save Pets, shelter support and outreach program, in the great pet state of New York,” said Dr. Stephens.

According to the Pet Manufacturers Association, in the United States , 63% of households have pets and 37% of pet owners consider their pets important family members. Over 70 Million U.S. households own dogs or cats, and 45% of U.S. households own more than one pet. The association estimates that total pet related expenditures in the United States are in excess of 40 billion dollars.

Pets Best Insurance reimburses pet owners for services from the veterinarian they choose, with no schedules or fee restrictions, truly establishing it as “Simply the Best Pet Insurance!” Pets Best Insurance was founded by Dr. Jack Stephens, the pioneer of the pet insurance with over 25 years in the pet insurance industry. Dr. Stephens is also an accomplished veterinarian and avid pet enthusiast. Pets Best includes a choice of four affordable coverage plans with a straightforward 80:20 claims reimbursement structure and NO benefit schedules. The Pets Best Insurance team is a highly skilled and professional group of pet lovers who have developed products based on innovation and insight into veterinary care. Visit Pets Best Insurance at or phone the integrated call center 877-PetsBest (738-7237). Pets Best, Simply the Best Pet Insurance.

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