Pets Best Insurance Launches in Japan

Posted on January 31, 2008 under Industry News

Pets Best Insurance Client Advocate, Torrey Stephens, takes a last minute look at the pet insurance agreement. As Masahiro Aruga, Business Development, Donald Dietrich, Administrator, Iwao Nonaga, Dr. Jack Stephens, Dale Peterson, Executive Director, and Greg McDonald, sign.

January 31, 2008, (Boise, ID) Today Pets Best Insurance hosted a delegation of business leaders anddignitaries from Japan and the state of Idaho to announce the launch of their brand of pet insurance inJapan. Pets Best founders, Jack Stephens DVM, and Greg McDonald, along with Pets Best Japan founderMr. Iwao Nonaga were on hand to meet with local Boise media about this historic expansion of pet healthinsurance from the United States to Japan.

Although several European pet insurance companies have expanded outside their countries’ borders, thismarks a first for a leading pet insurance provider in the United States to expand its technology, businessprocesses and brand outside the United States and the first pet insurance company in Japan.

With a declining human birth rate in Japan, pets are becoming an integral part of the family. There are over25 million dogs and cats in Japan. Pets, according to a survey of Japanese pet owners, are consideredfriends and provide spiritual support. Just as in the United States and Europe, the rise in stature of petsincreases the utilization of veterinary care, resulting in greater need for pet insurance. Pets once consideredonly objects, were changed by legislation in 2004 as objects with life, an important distinction in Japaneseculture. Pets fulfill a needed role in Japanese society, just as in the United States by reducing stress,providing companionship, improving “good feeling” hormones and bringing joy to families.

The founder of Pets Best Japan spent several years doing an analysis of pet insurance in North America andEurope, focusing on products and systems. After an exhaustive search, the principals decided that PetsBest had the best product and proprietary software system for pet insurance. Mr. Iwao Nonaga, the founderof Pets Best Japan said, “After dealing with many companies in North America and Europe, we found thatDr. Jack Stephens, the founder of pet insurance in the United States, was by far the person with the mostknowledge and insight to provide us with a model for success. Our goal was to have a highly automated,streamlined system from which to operate and the best product to market to a highly discerning market inJapan.”

The multi year agreement provides for all current and future automated underwriting and claims systems tobe utilized in Japan. In addition certain proprietary and patent pending processes and procedures of PetsBest will be utilized by Pets Best Japan in exchange for an upfront fee and ongoing royalties based onsales. In addition, Dr. Stephens will serve on the Pets Best Japan board of directors and be a senior advisorto the company. “The diligence and planning of Mr. Nonaga and his team was superlative and in greatdepth.” Said Dr. Stephens. “In all my years I never experienced such due diligence and all of us at PetsBest are extremely proud that we were chosen over all other pet insurers in the world for this agreement.”

Pets Best Insurance reimburses pet owners for services from the veterinarian they choose, with noschedules or fee restrictions, truly establishing it as “Pet insurance that really pays!” Pets Best Insurancewas founded by Dr. Jack Stephens, the pioneer of pet insurance with over 25 years in the pet insuranceindustry. Dr. Stephens is also an accomplished veterinarian and avid pet enthusiast. Pets Best includes achoice of four affordable coverage plans with a straightforward 80:20 claims reimbursement structure andNO benefit schedules. The Pets Best Insurance team is a highly skilled and professional group of pet loverswho have developed products based on innovation and insight into veterinary care. Visit Pets BestInsurance at or phone Pets Best Insurance at 877-PetsBest (738-7237). Pets Best,Simply the Best Pet Insurance.