Pets Best Insurance five fast facts

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La La the Chihuahua watch dog looks out the window.
By: Dr. Jack Stephens
Pets Best Insurance President

• When a cat rubs you it’s thought to be demonstrating a strong social bond? Of course kitty loves you, but did you know she could also be releasing pheromones which are undetected by humans?

Pheromones are body chemicals that alert other animals of mood. It is thought that cats and dogs can detect these chemicals emanating from humans to determine if we are angry, sad or happy the moment we enter their space or room.

• Wild animals can be trained but still remain ambivalent and unpredictable to human ways. They may appear to acquiesce to our direction but are ultimately “hotwired” to reject this human control, whereas domesticated pets are not.

• Increasing physical activity to 30 minutes a day is proven to be good for overall health in humans and in dogs.Take a walk with your pooch.

• It’s believed that you can reduce your pet’s chances of bladder cancer if he’s fed vegetables 3 times a week. Scottish Terriers, in particular, have a very high incidence of bladder cancer at 30%, which is thought to be genetic. Give your Scottie (or whatever kind of dog you have) some veggies!

• Periodontal disease (infected, heavy tartar on teeth) increases the incidence of heart disease by 6 times in pets. The disease can also damage the kidneys, liver and other organs.

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