Pets and Science: Serving Emotional Needs

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We have long known that we feel better when we are playing or interacting with our pet. We were never sure why, we just knew that at the end of a hectic day we looked forward to being with our pets. Maybe it was their enthusiastic greetings, the uninhibited play time, or that they simply loved our company. No matter if you are gone an hour, a day or a week, your pet’s greeting always makes you feel special.

Recently, science has discovered why we have such positive feelings towards our pets. It seems that pets affect our biochemistry in positive ways that can be scientifically measured. Pets diminish or drain away stress by increasing “good feeling” hormones and reducing chemicals associated with stress.

Studies have been performed that measure hormones and certain chemicals in our bloodstream before we interact with a pet as compared to afterwards. The results demonstrated a definite positive improvement in increasing those hormones that make us feel better and diminishing those that are related to stress!

Why not adopt a pet from your local shelter and bring home a full-time stress buster? Adopting a homeless pet is a responsible act, provides a needed home and is good for your health and emotional well-being.

But be sure to follow our tips and advice on adopting to make your adoption a pleasurable experience. Learn about feline or canine behavior to provide the proper relationship. Be prepared for the type, age, breed and health of the pet you are adopting. Otherwise, adopting can become stressful and lead to the opposite results that most pet owner’s experience.

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Being prepared, properly introducing the newly adopted pet into the home, understanding some basic pet behaviors and having the right expectations for your circumstances can improve your odds of adoption being favorable. Otherwise, behavior problems or not understanding the pet’s needs can lead to an unfavorable situation and create stress, instead of relieving stress. Learn more about all the many positive benefits of pets on this site.

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