Pet weddings: The cure for puppy love

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Pets in love can now exchange vowsAmorous cats and dogs with puppy love now have the option to bid farewell to the philandering life of the animal kingdom and tie the knot of holy matrimony, as one kennel owner has launched a pet wedding service.

Ann Clark, who owns Kitz-Katz animal shelter, will perform a wedding service for owners who wish to make honest animals of their pets, and can pay about $200. According to the Evening Telegraph, cake and a marriage certificate are standard amenities of the ceremony; limousine service and caterers for the pet wedding breakfast are optional.

Kitz-Katz will accommodate small animals in love, like dogs, cats, hamsters and guineas pigs – love struck horses, however, have no recourse. Though animals of different species may marry, Clark strictly forbids marrying pet owners with their pets, as the services are designed solely for furry creatures.

"I ask people to write their own vows as they know their pets best," Clark told the news source. A traditionalist, she added, "I encourage people to dress their animals up in a suit or a dress for the wedding too."

The first pet wedding will unite two adoring Chihuahua dogs, and is scheduled for next spring.

While Clark admits, "People think I’m mad," she also recognizes that some "people really love their pets."

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