Pet-Togethers Partners with Pets Best Insurance

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 Scottsdale, AZ – (October 6, 2006) — Pet-Togethers, Inc. an Arizona company that developed and markets PetCentrx “Vim & Vigor” wellness products for pets, today announced a new cooperative arrangement with Pets Best Pet Insurance Services LLC.

“Pet-Togethers is committed to improving the health and well-being of the family pet,” states Michael Fantetti, president and CEO of Pet-Togethers, Inc. “Partnering with Pets Best Pet Insurance takes our commitment to good health one step further and adds a layer of security to families with pets. As with humans, experiencing a health care crisis with a family pet can be draining emotionally as well as financially. Having Pets Best Pet Insurance assures families that they can provide adequate veterinary care for their pets and not be burdened financially.”

With this joint marketing agreement Pets Best policyholders will receive another opportunity to save on their pet purchases. Pet Togethers will provide Pets Best Insurance policyholders with a two month supply of Petcentrx “Vim & Vigor” for the price of one month on their initial order. Policyholders that continue to use the product monthly will be rewarded by receiving a free one month supply every sixth month, which adds up to a substantial savings for the end user. Pets Best founder Dr. Stephens personally tested Vim & Vigor with his dogs and noticed dramatic positive changes, especially in 15 year old Min Pin Skeeter. “When my wife or I pick up the bottle of Vim and Vigor they all come running and stand in line. It is a fun time at our house.” said Dr. Stephens.

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All current Pet-Togethers clients will now receive a 10% discount on new Pets Best policies. Both Pet-Togethers and Pets Best websites will provide links to the other to ensure ease in processing new orders and receipt of the appropriate discount.

Dr. Shawn Messonnier, Pet-Togethers’ national spokesperson, is the author of the award winning The Natural Health Bible Dogs & Cats ,syndicated newspaper columnists, hosts The Natural Vet show on Martha Stewart Radio, and owner of Paws and Claws Animal Hospital in Texas. He recently commented “It’s apparent that both Pets Best Insurance and Pet Togethers are committed to enhancing the health and wellness of the family pet. PetCentrx “Vim & Vigor” formula is a tasty all-natural supplement designed to prolong pets’ lives and provide full, vibrant health. If the family pet experiences a health crisis that needs medical intervention, Pets Best Insurance provides straightforward coverage that covers 80%. Regardless of financial means, the reality is that veterinary care can become expensive when there is an unexpected issue that requires needed care. As responsible pet owners, correct and comprehensive insurance is highly recommended and will not only increase the health and happiness of the pet but it will protect the financial security of the family. To make the situation even sweeter, both companies offer a limited time money back guarantee!”

Pets Best Insurance reimburses pet owners for services from the veterinarian they choose, truly establishing it as “Pet insurance that really pays!” Pets Best Insurance was founded by Dr. Jack Stephens, pioneer of the pet insurance industry, and accomplished veterinarian, avid pet enthusiast and seasoned insurance executive with more than 24 years experience.

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The product brand includes a choice of four affordable coverage plans with a straightforward 80:20 claims reimbursement structure and NO benefit schedules. The Pets Best Insurance team is a highly skilled and professional group of pet lovers who have developed products based on innovation and insight into veterinary care. Pets Best Insurance is underwritten by General Fire & Casualty Company. Visit Pets Best Insurance at or phone the integrated call center 877-PetsBest (738-7237).

Founded in 2001 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Pet-Togethers, Inc. developed and markets PetCentrx “Vim & Vigor” wellness products for dogs and cats. The product is a unique blend of the purest natural ingredients. Pets that are given the product should exhibit more energy, a healthier appearance, greater mobility, stronger bones and muscles, fewer visits to the veterinarian, a happier disposition, greater rest, and a fuller life. The Company’s unique distribution program gives pet care professionals and non-profit organizations the opportunity to increase their monthly income without making any type of financial commitment. Pet-Togethers incurs all administrative, marketing and inventory expenses for their programs.

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