Pet Insurance: USA

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A dog with pet health insurance waits for his owner.

Just as health, auto and homeowners insurance can vary by state, pet insurance is often different across the USA.

You will find that there are usually differences in pet insurance plans. Pet insurance policies also may be vary by state depending on any particular pet health issues that are more prevalent. For instance, the climate in southern states can affect pets health and coverage specifics might be different.

While most pet health insurance companies provide coverage, even if you move to another state and when you travel with your pet, that may be the first question you have when you begin comparing pet insurance.

What if you move or travel with your pet?
Like other insurance products, pet insurers must be licensed to sell insurance in their state. Do your research and see if the coverage/premium price would be the same or comparable if you moved to another state.

One very serious consideration regarding your pet insurance is a possible pre-existing exclusion. If you were to move with your pet to a new state where your current pet insurance carrier wasn’t licensed, you may run into this problem. A new company may see any diseases your pet has been treated for as pre-existing, even though your pet didn’t have the condition when your current insurer began coverage.

What if you are just traveling in another state with your pet? Pet insurance plans cover vet expenses that are eligible under your plan even if you’re traveling.

What if you leave the U.S., is your pet still covered if he goes with you? If this information isn’t spelled out in the policy, be sure to ask questions before deciding on that particular policy.

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Underwriters are Important
Just as with your health and other insurance, pet insurance is covered and paid out by an underwriter. All reputable pet insurance companies will list information about their underwriter on their website. If you don’t see it listed, give them a call and ask.

Check out how financially viable the underwriter is by looking at their ratings. After finding the underwriter information, go to A.M. Best’s Rating Center, which will give you information about any insurance company’s rating and financial health.

Protect your loved ones with Pet Insurance!