Pet insurance isn’t just for emergencies

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A cat and dog sit beside each other looking happy.
Pet dog and cat insurance is as important for pet health as human health insurance is for their human counterparts. A severe injury or a serious illness can leave pet owners with a large amount of medical debt.

Having dog health insurance in place can allow the pet owner to get the treatment their pet needs without having to worry about the financial burden it could cause without it.

In an emergency situation, the last thing a pet owner wants to focus on his how much the veterinarian bill will cost. Owners instead want to concentrate on getting their ill or injured pet the care they need. Therefore, Pet insurance allows owners to concentrate on getting their pet in prime pet health.

Without dog or cat insurance the diagnosis of a disease can be detrimental to a pet owner’s wallet. The cost of diagnosing a disease can include several tests, such as blood work, urinalysis, x-rays, ultrasounds and even C.A.T. scans. Once a dog or cat is diagnosed with a disease the treatment can then begin– and without pet insurance treatment costs can add up rapidly.

Treatment for the disease will likely have to continue for the life of the dog or cat. Treatment may include daily medication, weekly administration of fluids, monitoring the pet via repeated blood work and even periodic hospitalizations.

Having cat or dog health insurance from the time your pet is young can help eliminate the financial worry that comes with owning an aging or accident-prone pet. Give yourself peace of mind by having your pet covered with pet insurance in case of the “what ifs.”

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