Pet Insurance is important when dealing with serious health concerns

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A cat and a dog with pet insurance wait for a command.

The winter months bring about a time where accidents and injuries occur frequently in pets.

In addition to accidents and illnesses, pets often get sick during the winter. Having pet insurance for your dog can help with the expenses that come with the treatments you dog may need.

Poisonings happen often during the winter months; antifreeze poisoning is one of the most common. Other chemicals used in the winter, like snow melting chemicals, can also be potentially deadly to pets. Pets can also slip and fall on icy surfaces just as easily as humans, which can easily result in broken bones. If owners have dog and cat insurance for their pets, unexpected accidents like these are often more manageable. Pet insurance companies like Pets Best Insurance reimburse pet owners 80% of the total amount of the vet bill after their deductible, so long as the issue is not preexisting.

Frost bite and hypothermia are common risks for dogs during the winter. Outside dogs are at a much higher risk of developing these conditions. Indoor dogs can be affected as well because they are not used to being in the cold weather.

Skin and feet irritations are another common aliment during the winter. The dry heat indoors can wreak havoc on your dog’s skin. Their feet can become dry and cracked due to salt and various chemicals used to melt ice and snow.

If you don’t currently have dog insurance for your pet, now is a great time to get your pet covered. When choosing insurance, make sure you do a pet insurance comparison. Comparing pet insurance plans will allow you to choose the plan that fits the needs of you and your pet.

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