Pet insurance for older dogs: Get it while they’re young

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An old dog sits with an elderly woman.Think of having pet insurance for older dogs as a necessity — but get it while they’re puppies or young adults and you’ll have affordable care for them their whole lives.

Dog health care declines as dogs age and the cost for their health care increases. Pet insurance allows pet owners to take advantage of the advancements in veterinary medicine that allow for the diagnoses of diseases early on.

Many veterinarians are recommending blood screenings as part of a dog’s annual check-up. These blood screenings give veterinarians baseline information on your dog. They can then compare the following year’s results to the previous year’s results and note any changes. These blood screenings allow your veterinarian to detect diseases early. The screenings can note changes in your pet’s vital organs before they start showing symptoms of the disease. The blood work results can detect illnesses that include diabetes, kidney disease and hormonal disorders. If diseases are caught early, they can then be treated before any permanent damage occurs to the pet. Diagnosing diseases early on can add additional time to the life of your pet.

In addition to diseases, older dogs are more prone to dental issues. Older dogs have a higher occurrence of gum disease and require more frequent dental cleanings to keep their teeth healthy. A dental cleaning’s cost can add up with the addition of dental extractions, pain medication and antibiotics. Insurance for dogs makes preventative care affordable for owners and allows them to provide the best care they can for their aging dog.

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