Customer Stories: Tobey, the Bread Eating Min Pin

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Tobey a black and tan min pin miniature pinscher dog stands outside the Pets Best Insurance offices.

In honor of Pet Health Insurance Month, we’re featuring stories of real life Pets Best Insurance customer claims. This story is from Paul and his dog Tobey, who have been Pets Best Insurance customers since 2006.

I’m glad I had pet insurance when…My dog ate an entire loaf of bread

 Meet Tobey, a seven year old, 13 pound miniature pinscher “min pin” insured by Pets Best Insurance. One night in the spring of 2012, Tobey decided he could go for some dessert. He jumped on the couch, then from the couch he jumped on the counter. Sitting on the counter was a loaf of dense Danish dessert bread that had been brought over for his human family. The bread – and its foil wrapping – was too tempting for Tobey to resist, so he didn’t just eat part of the loaf, he ate the entire loaf and the foil.

A few hours later in the middle of the night, Tobey’s human parents awoke to him wheezing like he could hardly breathe. Tobey’s normally little mid-section had become extremely bloated; his sides protruded inches farther than normal.

Tobey’s parents rushed him to the emergency veterinary clinic. After an examination, x-rays and hundreds of dollars, the veterinarian determined the safest course of action was to let the bread pass on its own. Tobey had to be monitored closely and his parents were given instructions and a list of symptoms to watch for which would warrant Tobey needing to be brought back to the vet.

Thankfully, after many “Labrador sized” bowel movements sparkling with foil, Tobey recovered fully. His parents also moved the couch further away from the counter so it’s impossible for sneaky Tobey to reach anything up there again.

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Photo above and photo below are of Tobey playing outside, fully recovered and back to his normal size.

Tobey a miniature pinscher dog stands on his hind legs outside the Pets Best Insurance offices.

Photo below is an x-ray of Tobey from the emergency vet showing how much the bread expanded in Tobey’s stomach and bowels.

An x ray of a min pin dog who ate an entire loaf of bread but thankfully had pets best insurance to cover his veterinary bill

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