Pet insurance comes to the rescue

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A Yellow Lab with vet insurance gets checked out by a vet.

Posted by: H.M.
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One of the many lessons Heidi Drafall has learned from her angelic Yellow Lab, Halo, is that dogs don’t need to be doing something risky in order to suffer from accidents and injury. During a routine vacation at their summer cabin in Northern Wisconsin, Halo decided to go outside for a swim. She knew that the outward-swinging screen door was usually left unlatched so that she could go outside as she pleased. This time, however, Halo didn’t run out of the doorway fast enough. The screen door shut on her tail as it closed, breaking it.

“It had a 90 degree bend,” said Drafall. “It just hung limply at the break. It was so sad!”

Luckily, Drafall didn’t have to think twice about getting help for Halo, as she was covered with vet insurance. The vet told her a broken tail was much like a broken nose, and although brining Halo into the hospital was a good thing to have done, her tail would need to heal on its own.

“It was very painful for her for a couple days,” recalled Drafall. “Especially since she is a Lab and wags her tail (and whole back end) all the time!” Thankfully, Halo is still wagging her now-straight tail.

Drafall’s story is a perfect example of why insurance for dogs is so important. Many pet owners think they won’t need to take their pets to the vet until they become sick or old. But even a happy, carefree summer day can turn scary in the blink of an eye.

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Another example is the story of two Golden Retrievers in Clackamas, Oregon. In April, the two dogs were in the safety of their back yard with their owner, who was repairing the fence at the back of his property. The fence was behind a tree and at the edge of a 200-foot drop down to a river. When a storm knocked down the tree, this caused a gap between the fence and the edge of the cliff. As John Grady worked to repair the fence, his two dogs curiously walked over to see what he was doing and fell 175 feet down the embankment.

Astonishingly, the two dogs, ages 8 and 10, survived and were rescued from the edge of the river by authorities and Grady’s neighbor.

Those who compare pet insurance in advance of scary incidents like these quickly learn the benefits of having peace of mind. Not only are accidents impossible to predict, neither are events like job loss, pay cuts, and health care bills for the humans in the household. Just like insurance for humans, vet pet insurance is a welcome blessing when it’s needed most.

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