Pet health: When your pup’s breath isn’t so sweet

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A puppy with dog insurance lifts a paw.

Do you sometimes joke about your dog’s “puppy breath?” It’s fun to joke about, but proper pet health care should include dental health, too. Remember how your dog’s breath smelled when he was a puppy?

One of my favorite quotes about dogs is from Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM (better known as Dr. Tom Cat), a veterinary consultant who practiced all over the world: “Of all the things I miss from veterinary practice, puppy breath is one of the most fond memories!”

Despite all the treats and kibble that claim to clean our dog’s teeth, after a few years puppy breath can still go from sweet to sour. This odor can signify potential bigger problems, like periodontal disease and an infection that can travel through the bloodstream from the gums to other areas of the body. But cleaning a dog’s teeth doesn’t need to be difficult!

Having dog insurance can make annual or bi-annual vet visits and teeth cleanings more affordable when routine care coverage is added. In between those visits, yummy doggie toothpaste often means brushing your dog’s teeth isn’t hard. Watch the video by Dr. Fiona Caldwell for a quick doggie tooth brushing demonstration.

Teeth cleanings performed by your vet can often begin with an appointment for a simple scraping and polish, and then become a surgical extraction of bad teeth performed under anesthesia. This surgery may be necessary to keep your dog healthy, but pet insurance with wellness coverage can help keep costs down and tails wagging.

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