Pet health: Give arthritic cats special care this winter

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An old cat with pet insurance sits in a cat bed.
Posted by H.R.
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Creeky joints and a stiff back can compromise pet health at any age, but it’s particularly a problem for senior cats, overweight cats, and cats who have suffered an injury.

Dr. Carol Osborne writes on her website that “the signs of arthritis vary depending on exactly which joint or joints are affected, the age of the pet and the severity of the disease.”

According to Osborne, who was the first veterinarian to be Certified as a Diplomat of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine in the United States, cat health care symptoms caused from arthritis can be subtle and difficult to detect. We may forgo specialized cat pet care, attributing slowing down to old age. Arthritic cats may become reluctant to move and often “miss” the litter box, because their stiffer joints ache when trying to climb into the box.

As in humans, cold air can worsen joint aches and stiffness. Some cats may benefit from heated cat beds in the winter, as this provides joints and muscles a soft, warm place to rejuvenate.

Holistic cat health care like acupuncture can help arthritic cats feel more comfortable. It is often covered by pet health insurance. Because of the vast benefits it provides, cat insurance may be a good option for pet owners with cats of any age. Acupuncture can even be done with lasers if the cat doesn’t tolerate needles well.

Gentle exercise is often prescribed by veterinarians to keep joints limber. There is even the option to give cats aqua therapy in warm water. The heat soothes joints and muscles, and moving in water is a gentle way to get exercise. Do a pet insurance comparison to see which cat insurance providers will help to cover these types of physical therapy. For more insight on aqua therapy for cats, talk with your veterinarian.

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