Pet health: Get that cat moving!

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Two cats with veterinary pet insurance snuggle.

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For Pets Best Insurance

Many people who say they aren’t “cat people” often haven’t spent time around cats or they believe cat stereotypes. Even if they are animal people and are invested in their own pets enough to purchase pet insurance, there is still a stigma attached to cats.

One of those stereotypes is that cats are inactive pets. They envision a cat spending its day purring, sitting in your lap or napping. But actually, cats are naturally very active and as a cat owner who is concerned about cat health care, you should make sure your cat stays active. It’s also a good idea to look into pet insurance for your feline friend. Pets Best Insurance offers both dog and cat insurance.

As cats age, they tend to sleep more, but even older cats will move with the right incentive. An additional benefit is that it makes you move, too!

Natural Cat Behavior
If you’ve ever seen a cat stalk its prey, even if that prey is a catnip mouse, you know you’re in the presence of a predator. It’s these amazingly quick reflexes and instincts that make cats good hunters. So the challenge as an indoor (and you all should be!) cat owner is to set up situations that mimic these prey/predator behaviors.

Anything on a Stick
Cat toys are essentially twitchy things on sticks or pieces of string. Only you have to do the twitching! You don’t even need to buy cat toys, you can make them yourself. Any smooth long stick will do. Attach a handful of colored feathers or a small ball on the end with a string. Now it’s your turn for exercise—flip the stick and the “prey” around the room. You’ll see your cat go into alert mode.

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Ingestibles Can Pose a Pet Health Risk
Responsible cat owners know not to leave string, feathers, or any item lying around that a cat can ingest. String (which cat’s like to chew on) in the digestive system can cause severe damage. While pet insurance coverage can come in handy, treatment of this kind can cost upwards of thousands of dollars to repair the internal problems from ingestion of foreign objects.

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