Pet Health: Fun and Fit

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A dog with pet insurance and his owner fish together.

One of the best ways to keep pet health in top shape, is to plan pet activities based on things you and your pet can enjoy together. Most healthy pets need lots of exercise to stay in good shape.

For cats, engaging in active play with various toys and games can help keep them mentally and emotionally stable as well as providing an outlet for excess energy. Dogs often enjoy a friendly romp in the back yard or impromptu games of fetch and catch– especially during the summer months, however, planning more elaborate pet activities can be fun for both you and your pet.

Dog Vacations
While many hotels accept pets on vacation trips, a few companies offer vacations designed specifically for dogs and owners to enjoy together. One example is Canine Club Getaway in Lake George, New York. This dog-centric vacation spot features organized dog sports classes with Frisbee, flyball, and three levels of agility training. Swimming sessions are also available and owners can attend relevant seminars on dog insurance, health and nutrition, all in a resort atmosphere that caters to dogs as well as humans.

New activities are in the works according to the owner and founder of Canine Club Getaway Janice Costaco, who stated that “Next year, we plan to incorporate Doga (doggie yoga) and possibly doggie Zumba into our class offerings!”

Dog Parks
For stay-cations closer to home, many communities now offer public dog parks for off-leash fun. While most pet health care experts recommend that cats be kept inside for their own safety, dogs can benefit greatly from supervised off-leash time at a public dog park.

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Interacting with other dogs and owners can provide valuable socialization experience for younger dogs, while older dogs with established temperaments can simply enjoy the chance to run and play in a natural environment. Not all dogs react appropriately to off-leash time, however, so you’ll want to keep a close eye on your pet to ensure the safety of all parties.

Cat Towers
These innovative indoor structures offer cats the chance to climb, hide and pounce all inside their own home. Even the simplest towers can provide hours of exercise for cats who can use it as home base for their playtime activities. Also, having pet insurance for your cat will help ensure that they will be protected if any play time accidents occur. By engaging in active play with cats and kittens and incorporating the tower into these activities, you and your cat will enjoy playtime even more. Kitty condos can be a new experience every day by:

• hiding treats in and around it
• sprinkling it with catnip
• pointing a laser at it and watching the cats climb
• moving the tower from window to window

Regardless of which activities you choose, pet health care professionals agree that staying healthy and spending quality time with your pet is the best way to ensure years of happiness and friendship for both of you.

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