February is pet dental health month

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A dog with pet insurance prepares to have his teeth brushed.

Pet owners understand the benefits of giving their pets quality food, annual checkups, and the best pet insurance coverage. But if their pet’s dental care is neglected, optimum pet health may be compromised.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports that most pets show signs of oral disease by age two: 80% of dogs and 70% of cats.

These statistics are alarming, because poor cat and dog dental care can cause periodontal disease, which leads to tooth loss and unhealthy bacteria entering the bloodstream. This can cause infection in vital organs like the heart and kidneys.

February is Pet Dental Health Month, the perfect time for pet owners to look into dog and cat dental insurance. The best pet insurance companies often include dental coverage for pets, or offer it as an additional option.

Pets Best Insurance covers routine dental cleanings as part of the BestWellness routine care coverage. Professional cleanings, performed annually by a veterinarian, will not only help prevent tooth loss, but will also prevent other pet health issues that can occur when plaque and tartar ravage a pet’s gums.

In between professional cleanings, pet owners can brush their pet’s teeth with specially formulated pet toothpaste. Pets love the taste, and it is free of fluoride and other ingredients that can be harmful.

Other tools are also available to keep pet mouths healthy, including tartar control treats, water additives, and gels. These products are available from pet stores and veterinary clinics. When treated with professional pet dental care and pet insurance, periodontal disease is preventable. No pet should have to suffer from painful, bleeding gums, tooth loss, or other potential diseases.

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