Pet health care keeps you healthy too

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A dog with pet insurance plays with his owner.

It may sound odd, but keeping up with good pet health care as well as pet insurance can be good for you too.

Besides the obvious reason that we want our animal companions to be well, taking care of pets has physical and psychological health benefits. The following are some examples:

Pet Ownership Promotes Responsibility
You often hear a good reason to get a pet for a child is that is promotes responsibility—the child learns to feed and care for another living thing. But it can also be good for adults. Looking after a pet and ensuring they have pet insurance, food, water and exercise helps you be a responsible person.

Physical Comfort
Petting your dog or cat after a bad day can have a comforting and relaxing effect on your body and mind. A cat jumping in your lap or a dog putting his wet nose on your hand can help tremendously if you’re feeling overly stressed. Studies have shown that just being around animals reduces blood pressure.

Emotional Wellness
“Unconditional love” is an overused term, but it aptly describes the kind of love that pets give you. They don’t care if you’re feeling snarky or irritable, they still like to be around you. Having pets can reduce isolation and promotes social activity. Walking with your pet or taking your pet to the dog park can up your socialization as well as your dogs’.

Benefits for Older Adults
There’s a reason why companion and therapy animals are often taken into nursing homes. Older people in that environment, who have often had to give up a pet, crave contact with a loving animal. Research even shows that older adults who have a pet have fewer doctor visits.

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