Pet health: Annual check ups

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Posted by: H.R.
A dog with pet insurance gets an annual check up.

The health of your pet should be a top priority, and annual check-ups help you and your veterinarian stay on top of it. You can lessen veterinary costs with a pet insurance plan. Many cat and dog insurance companies, like Pets Best Insurance, even offer wellness packages to help cover the cost of routine care.

The most important part of your pet’s annual check-up is the physical exam. Your veterinarian will start at your pets’ nose and end at their tail. They will check the nose, eyes, and ears for any abnormalities. They will then move on to check your pets mouth and examine the health of the teeth and gums. The skin and coat are then examined for any irritation or signs of parasites. The veterinarian will palpate the abdomen feeling for any abnormalities, and he will listen to the heart and lungs. Any abnormal finding will be discussed, and you should mention any concerns you may have about your pet during the exam.

Annual dog and cat vaccinations are usually given during the annual check-up. The vaccinations your pet will need depends on the lifestyle of your pet. There are basic vaccines that pets should get, along with vaccines that are given depending on your pet’s activity level or in which region you live. For example, if you take your dog hiking often, your veterinarian might recommend that your dog be vaccinated for Lyme disease which is carried by ticks.

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