Pet health and your health: Walk that dog!

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Posted by: H.R.
For Pets Best Insurance

A puppy with pet insurance gets ready to go for a walk.

Are you sitting comfortably in your favorite chair only to be met with a pair of pleading eyes begging for your attention? Your dog is ready for his walk. One of the greatest things about having a dog is that they keep you active. Aside from ensuring your pet has pet insurance, daily walks are also a core component of dog health care.

Owner Health
People, who are physically able, in any age group, should be getting a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day. Ideally, 60 minutes, but moving for even 10 minutes is beneficial to your overall good health. What better way to keep that promise to yourself than getting outdoors with your dog!

Not only does physical exercise keep you physically fit, it is good for you psychologically. Being outside prevents you from being isolated and has been proven to help alleviate depression. Fresh air is invigorating, too.

Dog Health
All breeds of dogs need exercise. Some of the larger and working dog breeds require more exercise than others. The act of walking outside helps your dog release pent-up energy and can also prevent destructive behavior in your home. A bored dog with too much indoor time alone is not a good combination– they could injure themselves (which is when pet insurance might come in handy) or even do damage to your home.

Like humans, dogs maintain good mental health by going on daily walks. It’s helpful for their socialization to see and be around other dogs, especially if they are in a single-dog household. But it is important that your dog have some basic training for proper walking with his owner.

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Use Caution
If you have a well-socialized dog, don’t assume that everyone else is as conscientious. Your dog could be harmed by an aggressive dog that isn’t being handled by their owner. Keep your dog safe—be cautious. You might also look into pet insurance as an added safety measure.

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