Pet health and our health

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A dog with dog insurance looks up.

You’ve likely heard the expression, “dog is man’s best friend.” This old saying is actually true on many levels. Pets enhance our lives by simply being a part of our lives. Because having a pet has also been proven to benefit our health—both physical and emotional, it’s important to provide our pets with good nutrition, exercise and dog insurance to help ensure they are healthy and happy.

“Unconditional Love”
This is another term that is used so often, we may not pay attention to its importance. A loving dog (or cat) doesn’t care if we’re grumpy or tired. They care about us no matter the kind of day we’ve had. Coming home to a wagging tail is just the tonic to end the day.

Stress-Reduction and Emotional “Tuning In”
Being around pets has actually been proven to reduce blood pressure and relax people. Other things pet owners report when around their pets is improved mood, less loneliness and consistant good health. Because our pets can help to make up healthier, it’s important we provide then with pet health insurance to help ensure we can afford keep them healthy.

When people, especially children, suffer a loss from death, they often turn to their dogs for comfort and relief. Pets seem to almost instinctively know when we need their presence. Families who have experienced difficult times report that having pets made their family feel more stabilized.

We can return the wonderful benefits of having a dog by practicing good dog health care and good care for cats as well. Investing in dog insurance is one way to show we care.

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