Pet health and behavior: Keeping your puppy happy

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A puppy with pet insurance is in good pet health.

Puppies are naturally playful creatures and in order to keep them healthy and happy, you need to put in adequate effort. Unhappy new born puppies can easily turn into frustrated dogs with behavior problems. A happy puppy is one that is well balanced.

Enrolling your puppy in pet behavior training is an important step in ensuring your puppy is happy. Puppies need to learn that you are the leader. Following a confident leader will make the puppy more confident. A dog obedience training class also serves as a socialization class. Allowing puppies to socialize with others helps ensure happiness.

Crate training a puppy can also aid in their contentment. Puppies love to have a safe place they can sleep in, as it provides them comfort and reduces stress.

A final way to ensure your puppy remains happy is to exercise them daily. A long walk can help mentally and physically stimulate your dog. Puppies that are not mentally and physically stimulated can become frustrated. Frustration leads to behavioral problems like puppy barking and chewing.

Keep your puppy healthy and happy by keeping them up-to-date on their vaccines. In addition, ensure that they have regular check-ups. Keeping your puppy healthy will help them live a long and happy life.

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