Pet Food Recall Continues As More Food and Treats Are Added

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Posted by Pets Best on 8/8/2007 in General Articles

For the last few weeks, the attention of pet owners has been turned to what’s in our cupboards and pantries as news of additional recalls of dog and cat food as well as treats continues.

This week Sunshine Mills and T.W. Enterprises recalled products—dog biscuits and bully treats—and Menu Foods announced that it was backdating its recall dates to Nov. 8, instead of the Dec. 3 date it originally published.

Lists of the most current recalled foods and treats can be found at, and the FDA is encouraging all pet owners to visit there often as the list has changed several times since its original release on March 16.

More resources for this recall can also be found at

In a separate recall, Eight In One Inc., a division of United Pet Group Inc., announced that they are recalling all packages of Dingo Chick’N Jerky, Dingo Kitty Chicken Jerky and Dingo Ferret Chicken Jerky after reports of possible salmonella poisoning.

The treats were sold around the country at Target, PetSmart and other stores.

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