Pet food brand takes ‘holistic’ approach to pet health

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A new brand of pet food is thinking about healthSome Americans wouldn’t think twice before grabbing a selection of organic, vitamin rich foods to enjoy with their family members each night. People who believe in the power of nutrition to promote healthier and longer lives may want to investigate a new brand of pet food that claims to take a holistic and natural approach to preserving pet health.

Representatives from the pet food company, Holistic Select, say that their recipes include "unique, functional ingredients found in nature," which positively impact the long term health of cats and dogs.

The foods feature a combination of enzymes, probiotics, live micro-organisms, botanicals and phytonutrients to promote the company’s health goals.

One customer, called Toby F. attested, "My puppy Kenya is doing so well on Holistic Select that I would never consider feeding her anything else…Her muscle tone is so dense and defined; she is the picture of health, and I attribute that to what I a feeding her."

Taking into consideration the pet’s tastes, some recipes include ingredients like duck meal and cranberries that company officials say prevent allergies and promote health skin and proper digestive function.

According to the National Institutes of Health loss of appetite, increased thirst, weight changes and sluggish behavior in pets are all reasons to contact a veterinarian.

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