Pet CPR: Put your bunny where your mouth is

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Are you willing to put your bunny where your mouth is?It’s not unusual, nowadays, for a family to have cake for their cat’s seventh birthday, or put an extra stocking above the fire for the family dog. More and more Americans consider their dog, cats, hamsters and iguanas to be actual members of the family. Consequently, when pet health is an issue, the majority of pet owners say that would consider performing CPR on their beloved animals.

According to an Associated Press poll, 63 percent of dog owners and 53 percent of cat owners said they would be at least somewhat inclined to go mouth-to-snout to revive an endangered pet. Of the poll’s respondents, 65 percent of women said they would perform the emergency procedure, compared to 50 percent of men.

Tammy Parks, a dog-owner who has taken a pet first aid class was among those who wouldn’t delay resuscitating her 15-year-old terrier, Lucy. "It’s not rocket science. The mechanics are the same as humans," she told the Associated Press. "Size is the biggest difference."

Despite the general willingness to help pets, the poll also found that just 20 percent of animal owners have a pet first aid kit in their homes.

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