Pet Cancer Foundation

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Posted by Angela Klein on 6/5/2008 in Articles from Newsletters
Lifesaving. How The Pet Cancer Foundation is Working to Help Fight Cancer.

Every year, millions of pets are lost to cancer. Leukemia, lymphoma, bone cancer and mammary gland cancer all claim the lives of our beloved pets.

Many tireless efforts are underway, including the work of the Pet Cancer Foundation, a cooperative venture to help pet owners understand and manage cancer and cancer fears and provide a resource for free initial cancer consultations through a pet owner’s local veterinarian. This resource brings cancer consultation to the pet owner and pet, no matter where they are.

Local veterinarians are also encouraged to visit the Pet Cancer Foundation site to learn how to obtain the free initial consultation from a board-certified veterinary oncologist who will identify what treatments are the most effective for each specific cancer.

Although the Pet Cancer Foundation web site is for pet owners, the consultation can only be provided to a licensed veterinarian. The web site, however, does provide information on cancer in pets for consumers.

Dr. Alice Villalobos, a veterinarian and author who concentrates on cancer and end-of life care, says that this free consultation can be lifesaving.

“All too often, cancer treatments for pets do not happen because of the hassle of taking your pet elsewhere, sometimes requiring driving long distances for specialized treatments that may be needed weekly or even more often,” she says. “With this process, many cancer treatments can be successfully implemented, monitored and adapted by a person’s own veterinarian with the benefit of a cancer specialist assisting in every step.”

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In the broader perspective, this initiative was created to keep pets living longer, healthier lives and enable them to bring joy to their families, according to Dr. Jack Stephens, president and founder of Pets Best Insurance. “Our mission at Pets Best is to provide reimbursement for the best pet care possible, which includes cancer treatments.”

The Pet Cancer Foundation is a cooperative venture supported by Pets Best Insurance, Oncura Partners and the Morris Animal Foundation. Last year, Pets Best also pledged $1 million to the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) Cure Canine Cancer campaign in an effort to eradicate cancer in dogs in the next 10 – 20 years. For this, Dr. Jack Stephens and Pets Best Insurance have been honored and recognized by MAF as a “Canine Cancer Campaign SuperHero,” joining Pfizer Animal Health as the second $1 million contributor to the campaign.

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