Pets Aren’t Washing Machines

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A cat with pet health insurance sits on top of a washing machine.

Some consumer reports compare pet insurance to buying an insurance warranty for your washing machine, dryer or other appliance. They also sometimes compare premiums paid for a hypothetical 3-5 year return. Unfortunately they miss the point when it comes to the value we place on our pets and the very rational for pet insurance. Here are a few reasons this comparison just doesn’t stack up:

1. First, cat and dog insurance, like any insurance plan, is designed to reimburse you or help pay for something you might otherwise not be able to afford. Pet insurance is not an “investment,” per se. Insurance, in general, is for future unknown events that may happen. Pet insurance, in itself, was created to help pet owners afford care for unexpected accidents and illnesses that often cost owners thousands of dollars, or more.

With a pet insurance plan an owner may “hit the jackpot” in terms or reimbursement, when a serious illness or accident befalls their pet, where they could receive thousands of dollars in benefits. On the flip side, a pet may not have an immediate need for pet insurance for years. You just never know.

2. Pet insurance plans provide pet owners with peace of mind, knowing they may be able to more easily afford whatever care is necessary. Unlike a savings account, which takes time to accumulate and discipline not to spend, with a pet insurance plan, pet owners know exactly how much money will be at their disposal, should they need it in an emergency situation.

Ask almost any veterinarian and you will learn that each and every day they have pet owners who must make difficult decisions due to the cost of unexpected pet care. And all too often these pet owners are forced to either euthanize their pet, provide them a diminished-level of care, or they may relinquish their pet altogether. A pet health insurance plan can help make almost any level of care fit within even the most modest of budgets.

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3. Unlike a broken appliance that can wait for repair when it’s financially convenient (or be replaced altogether if broken), a pet’s health doesn’t work this way, as it’s a living, breathing family member. Pets are not replaceable and while you could get another pet, you will not have the same bond as the one you have forged through the years with the prior. Pets become part of our family and we become very attached to them. Their well being is important to us and they ultimately provide us with so many positive benefits physically, emotionally and socially that we want to, and should, take care of their medical needs when sick, injured or ill. A broken appliance is an inconvenience, an ill or injured pet is a pet owner’s heartbreak.

We never know when our pets will injure themselves, become ill with a disease or develop cancer, but odds are something costly will happen to your pet. Dog and cat insurance utilizes the time-proven concept of insuring a valuable asset, just as you would do for your own health, so that you never have to make a bleak decision based on finances alone.

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