Paralyzed rabbit provides comfort to patients of children’s hospital

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Pets such as rabbits can provide comfort to patientsWhile some paralyzed pets may be euthanized as owners feel they should be put out of their misery, Alyna the rabbit, who was born paralyzed from the waist down, is providing a sense of comfort to children in an Israeli hospital’s rehabilitation center.

The rabbit was found in a local shelter and taken to ALYN children’s hospital, where it was fitted with a state-of-the-art brace, according to The children then play with and provide pet care to Alyna to make them feel better about their own disabilities.

"They can put the brace on the rabbit, and see the difference in movement when she’s in or out of it," hospital executive director, Cathy Lanyard, told the news provider. "In turn, it takes away their fear, and makes it a lot of fun. Instead of the discomfort, they feel the mobility."

Several therapists believe that pet therapy works by providing patients with a sense of comfort as they go through a traumatic time. Many hospitals and nursing homes have pet therapy programs to help their patients.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19596471-ADNFCR

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