Owners have pet health options for older pets

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A dog sits next to bright colored veggies.
Susan Mikels takes extra care to ensure her 12-year-old pooch is in prime dog health.

“He’s a big dog, and he’s also my best friend,” Mikels told the Pocono Record of her dog who suffers from severe joint problems and painful arthritis.

“Every once in awhile he’ll have a little burst of energy lasting only for a minute or so, reminding me of his younger puppy days,” she told the news provider.

The Pocono Record reported that Mikels’ pooch has other dog health issues too, including vision problems and trouble walking.

“I see him struggling to get out of his bed, but then again, so do I,” she told the news source.

According to the news provider there are numerous things pet owners can do to keep their pets in optimum dog or cat health, such as maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime and ensuring elderly pets sustain their body weight.

“Studies show that being overweight puts more stress on the heart and increases organ inflammation,” Dr. Jeremy Wentz of Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital told the news source.

Dr. Martha Franklin of Mountain View Animal Hospital in Scotrun told the news provider that owners ought to feed their older pets healthy pet food and try to limit the amount of table scraps.

“Each species has specific dietary needs that are provided within pet food,” she told the news source.

Franklin told the Poconoo Record that pet health insurance may also be a good idea and help with finances when a pet eventually needs medical attention.

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“When shopping for (pet) insurance, ask a lot of questions,” Franklin told the news provider. “Insurance can also help with the expense of having important diagnostics done that might be skipped if paid out of pocket.

Wentz told the news provider that he agrees that pet care insurance is a good idea.

“Vet care is more expensive now because we are catching up to human medicine with diagnostic tools that we use,” he told the news source.

Franklin told the news provider aside from a healthy diet and getting insurance for pets, it is also important to exercise your pet.

“Swimming and frequent walks are ideal to maintain weight and healthy muscle tone,” Franklin told Poconorecord.com.

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