One man’s financial problem: Watchdog consumer

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A grateful dog owner can now buy a few video games, guilt free"The dog ate my homework." The feeble excuse has been used so often it has become a common American aphorism, and motto of the lethargic. One video game aficionado, however, woke up last week to find that his dog, Oscar, had somehow purchased 5,000 Microsoft points on his Xbox Live gaming system.

A writer named Greg on the video game blog Kotaku admits that in the past, Oscar has chewed up and torn apart pillows, sox, candles, toilet paper and bottles. This time, Greg awoke to find that his Xbox controller had been gnawed on during the night, and $62.50 worth of online Microsoft Points had been purchased.

After some elementary sleuthing, the dog owner concluded that Oscar, in a frenzy of chewing, somehow managed to press the buttons necessary to turn on the videogame system, enter the online store and purchase the points, which can be used toward Xbox merchandise.

Lenient in his pet care, Greg wrote on the blog, "All in all, I’m not mad. A bunch of new games to keep me busy and a reason to finally go buy that black controller I’ve been wanting."

While training dogs, the U.S. Humane Society recommends positive reinforcement and ignoring undesirable responses as the most effective methods.

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