New Product: Nintendo Wii for pets

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Donkey Kong won't be the only animal playing gamesThe popular interactive video game system, Nintendo Wii, now allows pet owners to let their favorite animals get in on the fun.

The game Wii Fit Plus, and update of Wii Fit, lets users involve their pets by creating avatars of their dogs and cats and entering profile information such as the pet’s name, birthday and weight, the Associated Press reports. Through use of the game’s balance board controller, the owners may weigh themselves with their pets; the game then continues to monitor the pet’s weight.

While the updated game does not provide any training exercises for pets, it includes three strength training exercises, three yoga activities and 15 balance games for humans.

Katie Cray, manager of trend marketing at Nintendo, told the news source, "It’s so fun to have a motivator when you’re working out."

She added, "Obviously, if you have a dog, you’re probably out there walking it, and that’s exercise in and of itself, so it’s nice to have the ability to track the progress of both your dog and yourself." The game provides owners who have taken out veterinary pet insurance to monitor their animal’s health.

An article published by the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine claimed that daily exercise for dogs reduces hyperactivity, prevents depression, builds confidence and controls weight.

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