New Jersey community rescues dozens of cats from shelter

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Activists and community members are trying to give homes to straysAnimal activists and common homeowners saved 27 cats from euthanasia this week at the Ewing Animal Shelter in New Jersey.

Pet care and rescue advocate Mark Philips arranged for 11 cats to be sent to a farm in Hunterdon County, rather than be put to death, the Trentonian reports. The felines had been scheduled to be euthanized at the animal shelter because they were considered feral, and not adoptable.

New Jersey state law allows for animals to be put down after seven days in an animal shelter, if it is not adopted or claimed.

In addition to Philips’ contribution, community members adopted at least 14 cats from the Ewing shelter on Community Fest Day 2009 at the College of New Jersey. Two other cats are being placed in foster care and may be adopted later.

Ewing’s mayor, Jack Ball has been working with pet rescue groups to improve conditions at crowded animal shelters, without resorting to euthanasia. Animal control officers tallied 69 cats at the shelter this weekend – significantly more than the limit of 25.

"No cats will die this week," Ball told reporters.
The U.S. Humane Society, an organization that helps to prevent animal cruelty, encourages responsible pet owners to consider adopting a homeless animal from their local shelters.

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