New dog? Time to research dog insurance

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A vet holds a new puppy with dog insurance

When I first picked up my beloved white German Shepherd puppy, Maddie, the only thoughts in my mind were the long walks we were going to go on, the adorable new collar I had just bought her, and how cozy it would be to have something so furry and adorable curled up with me on the couch. To be honest, pet insurance wasn’t something that initially crossed my mind. But I felt I was a responsible pet owner because I scheduled her vet visit the first week she was home, and I bought high-quality puppy food to get her started.

I think many of us first-time dog owners get caught up in the fun and newness of owning a pet, and overlook many of the bad things that can happen. Though older dogs may in fact have more health problems, accidents can happen at all ages—and they do. Dog insurance was the last thing on my mind when that adorable little fur ball explored every corner of my apartment. I had heard the term, but assumed that everything would be okay without any real thought, until I took my first trip to the vet.

Just the routine services provided by veterinarians can be incredible. I consistently overlooked the costs when deciding to get a dog, but once I did I was stuck. I certainly wasn’t going to let that fuzzy little ball of love out of my life once there. Thankfully, Maddie had no costly pet health issues in her puppy years before I finally got her pet insurance. Had something terrible happened, I would have been hard up to find the money to pay the medical costs for my little girl.

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Understanding the incredible costs of veterinary care is absolutely vital when providing for your pet adequately. Dog insurance is just one way to make those costs manageable, particularly when your pet is having an emergency. Thankfully I didn’t find that out the hard way, but I hope you can learn from my experiences.

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