Nebraskans outraged by proposed limits on pet ownership

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Nebraskans perplexed by proposed limits on pet ownership Certain unwritten rules among pet owners keep dogs and cats the objects of affection, rather than scorn, in many communities across the county. Owners know that a specific level of training and decorum is necessary to bring dogs into public places, a pooper scooper should always be kept handy and scratching boards will help cats keep their claws to themselves.

Abiding by these general guidelines will often keep pets a topic of light banter rather than city council discussion.

Now, however, pet owners in Beatrice, Nebraska, are scratching their heads after hearing that members of the city council are planning to amend the area’s animal control policy by imposing a limit of three dogs or cats per household, the Beatrice Daily Sun reports.

"I refuse to pick and choose which animals I keep and which ones I throw away," said pet owner Cindy Vetrovsky, indicating that her animals were shelter pets who likely would have been euthanized had she not adopted them.

Councilman Dwight Parde told the news provider the proposed ordinance would be a way of controlling the overpopulated cat colonies that have grown in the city, and indicated that exceptions would be made for owners with ample space and history of responsible pet care.

According to the U.S. Humane Society, about 34 percent of American households own at least one cat.

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