National Pet Insurance Month

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BOISE, Idaho, Sept. 17, 2010 – Pets Best Insurance wants pet owners to know there is a way to keep vet bills from breaking the bank, and September’s National Pet Insurance Month is the perfect time to remind them.

“Technological advancements are contributing to higher veterinary costs, and people are often financially unprepared when their pets become ill or injured,” explained Pets Best Insurance Director of Marketing Chris Middleton.

Pet insurance plans can save pet owners a significant amount on everything from routine care to treatment for their pets’ chronic conditions. But the company urges pet owners to do their homework before purchasing pet care insurance because not all companies’ coverage is created equal.

“Veterinary bills can run thousands of dollars. But with pet health insurance like that provided by Pets Best Insurance, owners don’t have to make the devastating decision to euthanize their pets simply because they can’t afford treatment.”

Middleton said the company reimburses claims at a flat 80% of the total amount of the vet bill—something he said many of their competitors don’t do.

“We don’t use benefit schedules, or what’s commonly know a usual and customary fee schedule,” he said, adding that because Pets Best Insurance reimburses 80% of the total amount of the vet bills— policy holders can often expect more than double what many of their competitors would reimburse for the exact same claim.

So how do pet owners know which pet insurance plan to choose? Through good old-fashioned pet insurance comparison shopping. A quick pet insurance comparison reveals many pet insurance companies reduce or even drop coverage for older pets, something Middleton said Pets Best Insurance doesn’t do.

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“Pets Best Insurance covers all enrolled pets from seven-week old puppies and kittens to treasured senior-aged pets,” he said. The company said pet health insurance has long been available, but not all pet owners are aware that pet care insurance plans can actually help them afford veterinary care their pets might need—ultimately helping to do away with economic euthanasia (or, opting to put a pet to sleep because the owner can’t afford treatment.)

“Pet care insurance gives pet owners the peace of mind in knowing they’ll never have to decide between buying groceries or paying for their pets’ veterinary bills. Pets Best Insurance is proud to provide that peace of mind,” Middleton said.

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Established in Boise, Idaho in 2005 by U.S. pet insurance industry founder Jack Stephens, DVM, Pets Best Insurance has changed the face of pet care insurance. The company is staffed by former veterinary workers and strives to offer pet owners the best pet insurance plans available with service that is unmatched. Learn more at

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