Rescue Dog Receives Four Prosthetic Paws

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Naki’o the dog is believed to be the first dog with four prosthetic limbs

Naki’o, a rescue dog, has received four prosthetic limbs after losing his paws to frostbite.

According to, a stray pregnant dog had a litter of puppies in an abandoned Nebraska home. When rescuers found the litter, the mom had passed away and one of the pups, Naki’o, had his paws and part of his tail frozen in a puddle. Naki’o’s frostbite was severe and amputation was required.

Naki’o and his litter mates were taken in by a rescue group in Colorado. When the litter was ready to be adopted out, it seemed unlikely Naki’o would get adopted, given he had no feet and walking on his nubs was painful for the puppy. But Christie Pace, a veterinarian assistant from Colorado Springs, saw Naki’o and adopted him. Seeking a solution for Naki’o, Pace approached OrthoPets for help. Christie, her co-workers and friends paid for one prosthetic and OrthoPets covered the cost for the other three. According to, each of the prosthetics cost between $930 and $3,100.

Dr. Patsy of OrthoPets said in 21 years she’d never seen a case like this. Naki’o is believed to be the first dog with prosthetics on all four limbs.

Pace says Naki’o is now able to play and begin living a normal life again.

OrthoPets says Naki’o “…is truly happy and still a puppy at heart. His eyes tell the story that he surely knows all too well. I’m a lucky dog…many good humans helped me and now I’m handsome and very happy. Did ya’ see my shoes?”

Pace has also started to help more disabled dogs and cats in need.

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Photos: Reuters

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