My afternoon at a no-kill cat shelter

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A group of cats at Simply Cats waits for loving homes and cat insurance coverage.

By: Chryssa Rich
For Pets Best Insurance

Here at Pets Best Insurance, we were in need of some new pet photos for our website and marketing materials. Anyone who’s browsed a stock photo site knows the pickings are slim, so we’ve been handling things ourselves. For the dog photo shoot, we scheduled a play date one evening and took pictures of pet insurance employees’ dogs running, jumping, chasing, and later snoozing in the grass.

Obviously we couldn’t do the same for cats, so we scheduled a photo shoot at Simply Cats, right here in Boise, Idaho. Lucky me, I got to spend two hours with some of the sweetest, funniest cats I’ve ever met!

Simply Cats is a no-kill shelter that houses cats together based on cat health, age and personality. There are about a dozen spacious rooms with large windows, soft blankets, scratching posts, sleeping trees, boxes, beds, food, mega-litter boxes and even kitty doors to outdoor patio areas. All the cats seemed very happy and comfortable.

As soon as I arrived, resident cat Memphis followed me to the first cat room and dutifully sniffed along every edge and corner of all my belongings. I started photographing in the special needs/FIV+ room, worked my way to the barn cats, young adults, seniors and then the kittens. I even got a behind-the scenes look at cats receiving veterinary care and three-week old kittens not yet old enough to be visited by the general public. Too cute!

Cats are generally easy to photograph, and these guys were no exception. Some struck poses when the camera came out, and some trotted to the portable lighting to check it out. Some purred loudly and climbed into my arms, and a few rascals snuck out before being scooped up by staffers and returned to their rooms. When all was said and done, I’d taken hundreds of photographs and gone through about a quart of hand sanitizer – a good dose is required between each room to maintain pet health and prevent the spread of infections and illnesses.

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I’m now following Simply Cats on Facebook and it’s great to see how many cats find their forever homes each week, freeing up space for even more kitties who deserve to be in a loving, no-kill shelter. Check out the pictures above, and make sure to visit Pets Best Insurance pet insurance page to see even more cat photos in the coming weeks.

Pictures above on the right, from top to bottom: A beautiful Tortie poses dramatically for the camera; Freeida and Argonaut hanging out in the kitten room (both adopted); Oliver yawning to kick off a cat nap; Cantebury sitting with his toy; Sweetgrass receiving veterinary care (recovered fully and adopted!)

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