Mixed Breed Pedigree

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Jack L. Stephens, DVM – Oct 06, 2009

If you’re adopting a mixed breed dog you might wonder what breeds are involved. After adoption you’re often asked about what breeds produced your dog. People are always asking, “What kind of dog is that?” Often, when you adopt a dog, no one knows the background or what breeds produced your dog. Now there is a way to determine what breeds made up your mixed breed dog.

There is a test called the Wisdom Panel and is available at your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can take a small blood sample and send it off to a special laboratory where they can determine what breeds are in your pet’s pedigree.

We adopted a pet from a shelter in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and thought it must be a pug cross. My wife had the test done and we were way off. JP (Jefferson Parrish) was actually a mix of Miniature Poodle and Shih Tzu.

For us, it does not change how we feel about JP or JP’s role in the household, but it certainly satisfied our curiosity. In some cases, knowing the breeds that make up your pet can be important for your veterinarian to help predict and watch for certain medical conditions more prone to certain breeds.

So if you’re curious about your mixed mutt, you now have a way of finding out the specific breed mix. It could satisfy your curiosity and possibly help to keep your pet healthy

Jack L. Stephens DVM

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