Missing cat found after more than a year

Posted on January 14, 2010 under Pet Health & Safety

The gray cat was discovered after missing for more than a yearDuring an evacuation for the Galveston, Texas, area for Hurricane Ike, one family lost their beloved cat in the process.

Owner Juliet Pennay was studying in France at the time of the hurricane, leaving her cat Simon in the care of her mother. Upon news that the hurricane was approaching, Pennay’s mother decided to seek refuge at an uncle’s house, taking Simon with her, according to KDFM.com.

The cat was spooked during the commotion and fled the scene, going missing after the hurricane subsided. Upon Pennay’s return home in Christmas 2009, she began walking around the area in search of Simon.

Even though more than a year passed, Pennay still was hoping that she would find her adored pet. Finally, one day she came across Simon huddled next to a garage and was shocked.

Pennay reports Simon is in perfect cat health and their reunion brought back nothing but happy memories.

"He laid on my lap and let me love him like old times," Pennay told PeoplePets.com. "After a year and a half of worry, it was so wonderful to see him. He has claws. And he is fine."ADNFCR-2720-ID-19559043-ADNFCR