Martha Stewart pioneers line of pet care products

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Martha Stewart is establishing a new line of pet care productsThough some pets prefer to spend their days rolling in the mud or chasing squirrels in circles, others would be content parked in front of the mirror or showing off a new sweater and collar to neighborhood rivals. This second set of pets would be delighted to hear that Martha Stewart Living Omnimeida (MSLO), Age Group and pet care provider PetSmart have united to produce and sell a range of pet accessories, beginning in April 2010.

A promoter of pet health, MSLO’s founder Martha Stewart said, "I have always loved having a lot of pets, and consider them members of my family." She added, "It’s very important to me that domestic animals be well fed, well groomed and well cared for, and I have always prided myself on the good health and happiness of my pets.

The new line of products will include pet apparel, collars, leashes, bedding, grooming supplies and toys.

According to the 2009-2012 National Pet Owners Survey, in 2008, consumers spent about $52 million on their pets – a figure that has more than doubled in the past ten years.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals asserts that the costs of caring for cats and dogs can range from $670 to $1,580 each year.

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