Mariah Carey, jet-lagged vet miss birth of puppies

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Mariah Carey did everything possible to see her dog give birthExpectant mothers often undertake painstaking research to ensure they get the perfect doctor to deliver their newborn. In a feat as delicate as brining new life into the world, parents strive to prevent anything from going wrong. But when the new mother is a dog, labor can be tough to predict.

Singer Mariah Carey took all the steps typical for a close friend or relative of an expecting mother when her Jack Russell terrier began to show. The pop star even flew her personal vet from Los Angeles to New York to help her dog deliver puppies, reports.

But, even the best plans can fall through.

"I flew this vet, a lovely lady, all the way from LA to NY and back and forth and the dog didn’t have the puppies," Carey told the news source. "Of course, when I got to London, she had her babies."

That’s right – the terrier finally went into labor when the singer left for London for a series of promotional events. Carey only learned of the births in between TV interviews.

According to the U.S. Humane Society, there are approximately 74.8 million owned dogs in the country.

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