Morris Animal Foundation Featured on NASCAR Racecar

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Los Angeles – October 16, 2007, The Morris Animal Foundation is dedicated to funding research studiesto protect, treat and cure animals. The Foundation launched a five-year,$30-million global campaign to cure canine cancer in April of this year. PetsBest Insurance has pledged one million dollars towards this goal to help fundclinical trials to develop treatments to help dogs suffering from cancer now,as well as fund genetic, environmental and other studies to find cures.World-renowned scientists and cancer specialists agree that this MAF-led effortwill not only save countless dogs from suffering and premature death, butshould also help produce breakthroughs in the prevention, treatment, and curesof human cancers – in particular, childhood cancers.

PetsBest announced that the Morris Animal Foundation Canine Cancer Campaign will befeatured on the hood of the Pets Best #61 ShelterBest, Racing to Save PetsNASCAR. The Toyota All Star Showdown at Irwindale Speedway (Near Los Angeles) Saturday, October 20, 2007 is the biggest and mostimportant race of the year for the NASCAR Grand National Series. There will be over20,000 race fans at the track and over 125 million television viewers at home.

PetsBest Insurance and the Morris Animal Foundation have a shared and immediategoal to collaborate on programs to educate pet parents about how to detectcancer, expand treatment options and find a cure for cancer. “Cancer is aterrible problem for all dogs – YOUR DOG – one in four dogs die of cancer. 60%of Golden Retriever’s die of cancer. Morris Animal Foundation, with the help ofgreat companies like Pets Best is working to cure canine cancer and help treatdogs that have the disease – and the very same treatments that are helping dogsare helping human cancer patients,” stated Michael Burke, vice president of theMorris Animal Foundation.

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Tosupport pet families and encourage more cancer care and treatments, Pets Best hasteamed up with Oncura Partners, a leader in online consultation for cancer, toprovide any pet owner, through their pet’s treating veterinarian with a FREEconsultation with a cancer specialist. Pets Best will have noted veterinariansDr. Alice Villalobos and Dr. Brian Huber at this NASCAR race to speak withfamilies and members of the media about pet cancer.

“Halfthe population of dogs and cats aged 10 and over will die of cancer. The bondsthat clients have developed with their older pets are especially strong anddrive the increasing demand for more proficient and highly compassionatemedical treatment of companion animals diagnosed with cancer. The Pets BestNational Oncology Initiative is an important effort that provides treatmentsand raises awareness. More families need to be aware and provided with theoption to consider life-saving treatments for their beloved pets,” according toAlice Villalobos, an LA-based leading veterinarian and author.

Theno-cost Internet consultation is available for all pets in the United Stateswith cancer. Pet families need not have Pets Best Insurance, but the pet ownermust obtain the online consultation through their veterinarian. (Veterinarianto Specialist) This Internetconsultation will provide best treatment options and guidance in the treatmentprocess for the pet’s cancer through their local veterinarian. “We think thiswill translate into more pets receiving care that will cure their cancer orextend their quality of life,” said Greg McDonald, CEO of Pets Best.

Familieswill receive this valuable initial consultation at no cost with a petoncologist (cancer specialist) for their pet with any form of cancer. Petfamilies can learn more by visiting the Pet Cancer Foundation at

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Morris Animal Foundation(MAF) answers a critical and unique need in promoting and protecting animalhealth and welfare and advancing veterinary medicine. MAF is the world’slargest nonprofit foundation 501(c)(3) dedicated to funding research studies toprotect, treat and cure animals, including companion animals (dogs, cats,horses, llamas/alpacas), as well as wildlife (mountain gorillas, elephants,rhinoceros, wolves, and many varieties of birds, reptiles, amphibians, andfish). Nearly 50 of the world’s most respected research institutions, collegesof veterinary medicine, and zoos are conducting about 120 MAF-sponsored studiesand 30 veterinary student projects. Since our founding in 1948, we have fundedalmost 1,400 studies with funds of more than $51 million — with 100 percent ofall annual donations going to fund animal health.

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