Los Angeles pets find new hot spot

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A sushi bar for pets marks the latest trend in pet careLos Angeles is home to rows of chic spas, boutiques and eateries which give its most fashionable residents the chance to indulge and be seen. But where are the LA pets to go when their owners are busy glamorizing and dining? For the last two years, the city’s most posh pets have steered their owners to Belmont Shore’s modish pet store, Pussy & Pooch.

The electronic music, color motifs and clientele of the store gave one columnist at the Long Beach Press Telegram reason to describe the retailer as more of a booming dance floor than neighborhood pet shop.

Complete with a health spa and sushi bar, Pussy & Pooch provides pet care that offers luxury accessories and – even better – raw meat.

"It’s food as nature intended," co-owner and operator Janene Zakrajsek told the news source. "Cats are natural carnivores. They need to eat meat, not grain, not filler, not kibble."

Purchasing local products when possible, and always opting for natural, organic foods, Zakrajsek stocks the store’s shelves with cuisine that is high in animal protein, with smaller amounts of plant products to simulate what a carnivore may find in its prey.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, annual costs of caring for cats and dogs can range from $670 to $1,580.

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