Keeping Kids Safe Around Pets—and Vice Versa

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A dog with pet insurance sits with a baby.

Colleen Paige is founder of the Animal Miracle Foundation & Network and National Kids & Pets Day, April 26.

On, she offers tips for keeping kids and pets safe around each other.

According to the site, “National Kids & Pets Day is dedicated to furthering the magical bond between children and animals and to help bring awareness to the plight of pets in shelters awaiting new homes.”

Dogs, cats, and kids have a lot in common. Both pets and kids often try to push their boundaries and challenge their parents. Both can get cranky and lash out when sleepy or hurting. And both have potential to hurt the other, either by accident or on purpose. However, children and pets have a lot to offer each other, as well.

Some of the tips Paige offers on her site include:

•Teaching children to always ask first before petting a dog. Even friendly dogs can be startled by the sudden appearance of another set of eyes right at their level.

•Teaching children how to pet animals nicely and gently, avoiding running toward, yelling at, or pulling on an animal’s body parts.

•Never leaving children and pets unsupervised.

Just as pets can cause sudden and even accidental injury to children, children can cause injury to pets. Pet insurance should be on the list of all policies that parents with pets own. These policies can keep unexpected vet visits more affordable when sudden dog or cat health care is needed due to a cut paw, broken tail, or ingestion of crayons.

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