Keep pets safe this holiday season

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A festive dog prepares for the holidays

There is nothing better than a present wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper with a big ribbon on top. Whether you are giving or receiving presents, be sure that you keep pet’s safety in mind. Beautifully wrapped presents may be exciting to humans, but they can be dangerous to pet health.

Ribbon, string, and yarn are all potential dangers to pets. Cats are more prone to play with string and ribbon, but all pets could ingest these items. Ingesting ribbon and string can cause intestinal blockages, which will often need to be removed surgically.

Refrain from placing wrapped food where your pet can access it. Chewing on wrapping paper or food packaging can also lead to intestinal blockages.

If you are giving your pet treats or toys this holiday season, it is best to wait to display these items or your pet will most likely get into their gifts early. Be sure to remove any packaging or tags before giving them their gift.

Other items to keep out of your pet’s reach include batteries and perfumes or colognes, which contain alcohols that are toxic to pets.

Close the doors to rooms where presents are to help keep pets from getting into them. Pet safety gates can also be used to block off rooms. Pet gates can also be used to restrict their access to the Christmas tree and keep them away from presents.

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