Katy Perry and Russell Brand find a feline compromise with the help of pheromones

Posted on February 1, 2010 under Pet Health & Safety

Brand recently revealed how he and Katy Perry keep their animals at peaceMany pet owners may face this issue when they get together – making sure their furry loved ones can cohabitate. Celebrity couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand feel they have found a solution to this problem, as they faced a similar situation with their cats.

Both Brand and Perry have publicly proclaimed their love for their cats Morrissey and Kitty Purry, respectively, however, the two felines did not always have a similar adoration for each other, according to PeoplePets.com.

After the couple got engaged and began to live together, they had to think of a way to help their cats get along. Their answer? Feline pheromones.

"You drug them with this plug-in thing that releases pheromones, and it gets into their brains!" Brand told the news provider on the Grammy Awards red carpet. "It’s not like it’s illegal, and we just invented it! It makes the cats love each other more."

Pheromones have been used for pet care to help relieve a cat’s stress. According to CBS, cats release pheromones through their glands in order to mark their territory.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19591139-ADNFCR