It’s National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

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Pets Best is a provider of pet insurance for dogs and cats.

At Pets Best Insurance, our employees and customers LOVE their shelter dogs and cats! Nearly 47% of Pets Best customers adopted or rescued their pet.

Here are some true tales of adoption from our own Pets Best employees:

Simon, the Boston Terrier (below) was adopted in March 2004 by Pets Best employee Kate. Simon is absolutely addicted to tennis balls!
pet insurance founder adopted shelter dog, Tag

Attie (below) was adopted by Pets Best employee Chris. Attie loves long walks and park time!

adopted dog Attie

Tag was adopted from a shelter 3 years ago by Pets Best president and founder, Dr. Jack Stephens. She got her name because she loves to “tag” along everywhere. Her favorite thing is going for rides in their all-terrain-vehicle (where she’s pictured below).

pet insurance founder adopted shelter dog, Tag

Do you have a shelter dog or cat you love?! Tell us about them below in the comments!


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