Iowa council tackles country’s first municipal pet cemetery

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Iowa council tackles country's first municipal pet cemeteryAn 85-year-old retired engineer in Iowa is pushing the Spencer City Council to fund and develop the first city-owned pet cemetery in the country.

Ted Cate, whose German shorthaired pointer Elizabeth Ann died five years ago, has been advocating for the municipal animal burial ground for half a decade, wishing to honor his fallen hound and offer a benefit to the environment, the Chicago Tribune reports.

"It provides a legal and respectful place to bury your family pet," Cate told the news source.

He added, "By burying your pet in a pet cemetery as opposed to burying it in your backyard, you eliminate the possibility of polluting the groundwater and hence your neighbor’s well."

In the meantime, Cate keeps the ashes of Elizabeth Ann in an urn in his home office.

Cate’s proposal would establish the pet cemetery in a 10-acre park on the town’s eastern edge and would charge $60 for the burial of a cremated pet and $70 for other pets.

Spencer City Manager Bob Fagen said the council agreed to pursue the idea and will announce details about finances and procedures in March or April.

According to, the cremation of dogs that weigh more than 50 pounds can cost up to $350.

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