Inventor creates ear implants for dogs

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There is now an implant device to make dogs' ears perk upHave you ever wished that your dogs’ ears perked up more when you entered a room? It is now possible for you to buy implants that help dogs with droopy ears achieve that excited, perked-up look.

Gregg Miller created PermaStay Ear Implants to give dogs with sagging ears a makeover, according to Miller was inspired to create the prosthetics after he noticed a high demand from dog owners.

Miller has long been an inventor for pet implants. Fifteen years ago, he created the "Neuticles," a plastic alternative for testicles for animals that had been neutered, serving more than 250,000 animals. Miller told the news provider that his clients who had purchased the Neuticles for their dogs were coming to him asking about ear implants.

The implants are three by four inches and are paper thin, so that dogs don’t even notice their presence.

Miller has high aspirations for becoming the go-to inventor for all things implantable when it comes to pet care.

"The direction I’m taking now is that I want to create whatever implantable device there is for pets," he told the news source. "Then everybody will know my company is the implant company, the eyes, the ears, the testicles, and God knows whatever else."ADNFCR-2720-ID-19543924-ADNFCR

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