Introducing a kitten to a senior cat

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Two cats with cat inurance cuddle under a blanket.
Posted by: H.R.
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Charlie, my 15-year-old tom cat, thinks he’s king of the house. One day, I brought my neighbor’s dog onto his turf, not thinking much of it because Charlie had lived with plenty of dogs before. Apparently, Charlie knew he had his own pet health insurance policy because he took one look at the dog, marched right up to him, and bopped him on the nose with his paw. The dog, twice the size of Charlie, just cowered.

When I wanted to introduce a second cat into the house, I knew things wouldn’t be easy. I decided to get a kitten, because I figured Charlie would go easier on a baby, as the baby would go easier on Charlie. Although I had wanted an older cat, at least I could get affordable cat insurance and be set with lifelong pet insurance for our new family member. But that brought up another worry: would a kitten and a senior cat be able to live together harmoniously?

Charlie had lived with cats before, so I knew it was possible. According to the Humane Society of the United States, “an 8-year-old cat who has never been around other animals might never learn to share her territory (and her people) with other pets in the household.”

I decided I would adopt a female kitten. According to many sources, including Northern California’s AV Animal Rescue, “If you are in doubt, always choose a cat of the opposite sex from your existing cat. Male and female cats are more likely to view each other as companions rather than competition.”

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After a nervous few weeks of careful, slow introductions, my planning paid off. Charlie accepted the new kitten into our family, albeit slowly and on his own terms. Yes, a senior cat and a kitten can coexist peacefully. They aren’t best friends, but they play together and on their own, and when Charlie needs a break from the hyper fluff ball, he takes to higher ground. Usually then, the kitten concedes that yes, Charlie is king of the house.

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